Tipsheets & Charts

Quick safety and confidentiality tips, checklists and charts highlight considerations about technology use by agencies and collaborations serving victims.

Protection Order Registries & Databases

Protection order (also called restraining order) databases and registries are not all the same. They differ in many ways including: the regional scope (local, state, territory, tribal, national); where they are housed and who runs them; the format and amount of information collected (full text, summary, image); who has access; and what orders are include in the system. This tipsheet describes how the technology works, and highlights benefits, risks, and issues to consider.

This handout was created by the NNEDV Safety Net Project to assist U.S. DOJ Office of Violence Against Women grantees and others with identifying and addressing victim safety and confidentiality concerns that can arise when implementing protection/restraining order databases and registries. This tipsheet is meant to help you to spot and identify issues. It is understood that a more in-depth look at an agency's confidentiality procedures or technology plans and implementation may be necessary to fully ensure that an OVW grantee is most effectively addressing victim safety and confidentiality issues.


Download: Protection Order Registries & Databases (1 page PDF)