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Quick safety and confidentiality tips, checklists and charts highlight considerations about technology use by agencies and collaborations serving victims.

Finding Laws To Charge Perpetrators Who Misuse Technology

When a perpetrator, abuser or stalker misuses technology to target and harm a victim, various criminal and civil charges might be applied to ensure accountability and promote victim safety. There are a number of U.S. federal and state/territory/tribal laws that might apply. This piece encourages agencies and partnerships to identify all laws and possible charges related to the: (1) violence and abuse including the use of technology and electronic communications to perpetrate such abuse, and, (2) other potential charges related to technology, communications, privacy and confidentiality. In each case, agencies and coordinated community responses are encouraged to identify if the perpetrator violated laws in multiple jurisdictions, including at state, territorial, tribal and federal levels.

This piece was created by the NNEDV Safety Net Project to assist U.S. DOJ Office of Violence Against Women (DOJ-OVW) grantees and other agencies and partnerships with addressing victim safety and offender accountability when perpetrators misuse technology. This tip sheet is meant to help with issue spotting. It is understood that grantees and other agencies and partnerships need to analyze relevant laws, charges, and responses per jurisdiction to best ensure they are most effectively address victim safety concerns.

Download: Finding Laws To Charge Perpetrators Who Misuse Technology (2 page PDF)