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Summary of U.S. State Laws Related to Advocate Confidentiality

This chart lists state laws relating to the confidentiality of victim advocate communications. It cites relevant state statutes and case law, summarizes what each state statute covers, and addresses the level of privilege. It also includes relevant state statutory definitions such as: victim, advocate, victim counselor, victim's advocate, victim witness advocate, rape counselor, domestic abuse advocate, sexual assault or domestic violence counselor, battered women's counselor, crime victim advocate, victim counseling center, rape crisis center, holder of privilege, and confidential communications.

This chart was created by The Confidentiality Institute. All rights reserved. It was last updated October 2010, so please contact The Confidentiality Institute to confirm that your state's information is still current by their analysis. Do not adapt, duplicate or distribute this chart without express written permission of the author. Special thanks to law student Scott Goldstone for his critical contributions to this chart.

Download: U.S. Summary of State Advocate Confidentiality Chart (40 pages PDF)